Mikhail Gusarov wrote:
> Oops, I forgot to mail updated patch, last one had two bugs:
> - 'fire_event_deleted' instead of 'fire_event_removed' once.
> - 'fire_event_removed' may be called both with 'event' argument and
>   without one, depending on the context, so let it accept and pass
>   further optional 'event' argument.
> See the fix in attach.
> ps: I'm subscribed to gajim-devel, no need to copy answer to my address.
> pps: Probably it worth to factor out publisher/subsriber snippet to
>      the separate class and use it in everywhere. I'd do it if you
>      agree that's a good idea.

to be more general, fire_event_removed get and transmit a list of
removed events.

about your pps: you want systray (and other classes that would use this
event system) to be a child of a new class that will contain some
general code to register / unregister listener ? that sounds a good idea

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