Stephan Maka wrote:
> Denis Shaposhnikov wrote:
>> But I think that even better to save local avatars on the server, like 
>> Comment right now saved. Don't known if it possible.
> This is a typical use for XEP-0049 (Private XML Storage).  If you intend
> to use that I could help writing a XEP, so it will be cross-client
> eventually.
> On the other hand XEP-0049 might be somewhat not efficient because
> records are identified by their element names and namespaces.  We would
> need the JID as the primary key if we don't want to get/set all avatars
> at once.

moreover I don't think server admin will like Gajim if we put many
avatars on the private storage! I don't think it's designed to store big
data like that.

but putting them in a separate folder sounds doable :)


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