James Newton wrote:
>> 1) Isn't it possible to have one script that install only GTK and one
>> that install only Gajim? It's not very good to include GTK in all
>> applications that needs it. So if 2 applications needs GTK, only one
>> installation of GTK is needed.
> I dont think so. It requires the SVN trunk versions of gtk+,
> gtk-engines, cairo, etc etc and particular releases of more base
> libraries like libjpeg and so forth. The Imendio (the main gtk porting
> group) guys say dont try to mix it with fink or macports libraries. It
> seems that at least fink lags behind a lot on versions of the packages
> they install. They also are not interested in trying to make a
> framework until it is more stable.
> Also it seems like everyone likes their own versions of libraries. the
> Inkscape project has their own build script which does pretty much the
> same thing, but with different versions. I had to borrow a little from
> theirs for building universal binaries of cairo and glib correctly
> (hardware differences since those both do really low level things).
> To me it doesn't really seem like right now it would do well to have
> an os/x style GTK framework. I'm sure that once it gets more stable
> fink and macports will start including it. Then Gajim can just require
> one of those two to be installed.

ok, sounds good if in the futur we can do that.

>> 2) Is it possible to put the osx folder in gajim folder directly? debian
>> folder and scripts to build win32 version are there for exemple. After
>> that we should modify the global Makefile so that it can install the
>> osx-only sources in src/osx of you're compiling on this kind of
>> platform, so that cd gajim; make can work on OSX too.
> Certainly. I intend to add it to the configure/automake setup
> correctly. The GTK building stuff should definitely go in a gajim/osx
> directory. And can move the setup_app.py to gajim/setup_osx.py and
> merge the other setup.py into it. Its not a terribly clean setup right
> now. Thats on my list of things to do. This was 'just get it to work'
> :)

ok perfect.

>> About the trayicon menu that doesn't hide correctly, there is the same
>> problem under windows. What we did was to add a "hide this menu" entry.
>> ugly and horrible to use ... but better than nothing.
> Wow. So in ms windows the menu is drawn again when you alt-tab back to
> gajim? In os/x it just raises draws the menu window with the empty
> gray background and nothing else. GTK seems to think the window is
> hidden because it does not pay attention to mouse events on it. I
> figured it was just a porting bug. OS/X does some weirdness with
> application sub windows compared to how X11 works.

I don't remember the exact behaviour. But it's AFAIK the only
application with this bug.
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