James Newton a écrit :
> Hello again everyone.
> Here is my second round with the OS/X code. This time its not much
> different but it plays nicer with everything else and makes use of the
> autoconf/make setup. But I did slip in gtkspell support with the
> native osx GTK build script and app bundle.
> This time it has two binary files that svn diff didnt want to pick up.
> gajim.icns goes into gajim/data/pixmaps/gajim.icns and
> keyedobjects.nib goes into gajim/data/nibs/MainMenu.nib. That is used
> to setup the OS/X style menu.
> gtkspell uses aspell which has a different distribution file for the
> dictionary for each language. Right now I just pull in the en
> dictionary. Please forgive the english centric view. Does anyone have
> any thoughts on how to distribute compiled app bundles with particular
> languages? The dictionaries aren't terribly large, the english one is
> 3.5M uncompressed. The package is already 66M uncompressed and 19M
> compressed. That is almost all the GTK runtime.
> James


First aof all, thanks for your port !
But you forgot to attach the diff :)

Is there still a TODO list for your package ? Is it small enought so I 
can commit your diff ?

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