Thomas Prochaska píše v Pá 18. 05. 2007 v 17:53 +0200:
> hi!


> because of the lack of an real good terminal jabber client i wanted to
> write a ncurses frontend to gajim.
> am i right that nothing in this direction currently exists?

Yes, there is no realy good jabber client. Either console nor X window.
(I hope I'm wrong.)  Gajim is good and simple (but too hungry, sorry),
tkabber is powerful, featureful and fast, it has good GUI, but it uses
ugly toolkit (not much, just not fully usable with keyboard only).
Others are toys.

Please, raise your ideas to higher level and develop something
revolutionary. Tkabber has good GUI concept -- everythig in one window
Gajim has nice and simple GUI. Take the best of both. Also, there is a
lot of clients for stup^H^H^H^H non-powerful users (e.g. psi).  Excelent
ideas and concept are everything, code can write anybody.

Josef Kufner

(sorry for my english)

ps: pokud si chces o tom pokecat v cestine: jid:[EMAIL PROTECTED]

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