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On 5/29/07, Yann Leboulanger <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Doesn't that make a huge popup when you have many mails ?

You might look at Google Talk's mail notification (if you have access
to a Windows system) for inspiration.

It works like this.

Notification popup appears (in the lower right corner) showing the
following info;

| Gmail icon     Sender (name or address)              |
|                     Subject: Up to 2 lines                     |
|   1 / 5            Body text up to 4 lines                   |
|   <  >                    blah blah                               |

The arrow buttons below the message number allow paging back or
forward among the unread messages but otherwise the notification will
automatically page through unread messages once at short intervals. If
more messages come in later and there are still unread messages, only
new messages are notified about but the x / x number shows the total
number of unread messages.

I find Google Talks mail notifier to be the most informative and least
intrusive that I've encountered. So much so, in fact, that I hacked
the Gmail Notifier python program (somewhere on to duplicate
it exactly (so don't use Gajim's ;-)

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