Trevor Glen wrote:
> Hi all,
> G√ľnter Dannoritzer wrote:
>> When I log in with gajim (0.11) to a Wildfire server (3.2.4) I am
> getting kicked out first and then the login happens a few seconds later.
> I know that this is an old thread, but I was just googling this problem
>  and it didn't seem to be resolved. However, we thing we've found a
> solution, or rather, a workaround.
> It seems to relate to the file proxies that are defined by default for
> an account. Going into the advanced configuration editor and removing
> those proxies seems to remove this problem.
> As for what the root cause is, I don't know.
> HTH,
> Trev
> FYI: I'm not on the list, so if you wish to reply, please cc me.

indeed I already saw that does that. It's because they
send wrong XML stanza. This problem is known and a solution is being
found to fix that in xmpppy.

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