I followed Asterix's advice regarding implementing whiteboard in Gajim
and GSoC2008 and started a discussion at XMPP Standards list:

As I summarized in my post (which was later developed by others):
there are many implementations out there but they are not
interoperable. The closest to current XSF movements in standarization
of XML shared editing is Psi whiteboard by Joonas Govenius. AFAIK it
implements most of the specification in this doc:

So the question now is whether to apply for GSoC2008 with this
project. I think this would be really valuable for Gajim community but
I did not get any direct answers neither regarding 'the best way' of
implementing whiteboard nor chances of this project to be accepted for

Asterix said mentioned 3 other proposals on MUC
* test framework: some sort of automated tests to test features in
Gajim to avoid regressions
* plugin system
* BOSH thing

I'll write my point of view of test framework and plugins system,
because I think these would be also valuable for Gajim itself and I'd
could apply for them in upcoming GSoC2008.

I'll be glad for any comments regarding whiteboarding (and also Gajim
projects for GSoC2008 in general).

Regards -- Mateusz Biliński
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