Mateusz Biliński wrote:
> Hi.
> I followed Asterix's advice regarding implementing whiteboard in Gajim
> and GSoC2008 and started a discussion at XMPP Standards list:

Thanks for the taking the initiative. :)

Will Gajim apply on its own or will Gajim-related projects be mentored
under the umbrella of the XMPP Standards Foundation again this year?
(Assuming the XSF is accepted... :)

> As I summarized in my post (which was later developed by others):
> there are many implementations out there but they are not
> interoperable. The closest to current XSF movements in standarization
> of XML shared editing is Psi whiteboard by Joonas Govenius. AFAIK it
> implements most of the specification in this doc:

Whiteboarding is a fun feature but given the fact that we (= the XMPP
developer community) haven't been able to agree on a solution or even if
this is a problem that the community needs or wants to solve in general,
it seems like possibly a risky project to purse for the Summer of Code.
However I am open to changing my mind about that.

> So the question now is whether to apply for GSoC2008 with this
> project. I think this would be really valuable for Gajim community but
> I did not get any direct answers neither regarding 'the best way' of
> implementing whiteboard nor chances of this project to be accepted for
> GSoC2008.
> Asterix said mentioned 3 other proposals on MUC
> (
> * test framework: some sort of automated tests to test features in
> Gajim to avoid regressions

Important, but kind of boring. But maybe you get excited about it. :) I
think it's important to work on something that excites you, not just
something that would be good for the community. Yes it's hard to balance
those things sometimes...

> * plugin system

Plugins are always cool. :)

> * BOSH thing

IMHO BOSH will become more widespread (we hope to launch it soon at once we install ejabberd 2.0.0 on a new machine) so support
for it in Gajim would be great.

Other projects I think are interesting (I am not sure if Gajim already
supports these, my apologies if it does -- I'm a Psi user but would be
happy to test Gajim on the Mac once that port is stable):

- support for link-local messaging (XEP-0174)

- support for PEP (XEP-0163) -- also to be launched at soon
and it enables lots of fun features like integration with blogs and
music players and so on

- support for message archiving (XEP-0136) -- this may be one of the
community's priorities for 2008

I'm sure other people have more ideas.


Peter Saint-Andre

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