2008/3/4 Peter Saint-Andre <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> Mateusz Biliński wrote:
>  > Hi.
>  > I followed Asterix's advice regarding implementing whiteboard in Gajim
>  > and GSoC2008 and started a discussion at XMPP Standards list:
>  > http://mail.jabber.org/pipermail/standards/2008-March/018084.html
>  Thanks for the taking the initiative. :)

My pleasure :)

>  Will Gajim apply on its own or will Gajim-related projects be mentored
>  under the umbrella of the XMPP Standards Foundation again this year?
>  (Assuming the XSF is accepted... :)

I don't want to speak on behalf of Asterix but he suggested on MUC
that Gajim will use XSF umbrella this year:
[15:13] <vArDo> hi all, is Gajim going to apply for mentoring projects
[15:18] <Asterix> vArDo: YES
[15:18] <Asterix> vArDo: through XSF
[15:19] <Asterix> as last 2 past years

>  [cut!]
>  Whiteboarding is a fun feature but given the fact that we (= the XMPP
>  developer community) haven't been able to agree on a solution or even if
>  this is a problem that the community needs or wants to solve in general,
>  it seems like possibly a risky project to purse for the Summer of Code.
>  However I am open to changing my mind about that.

It is what I'm afraid of since I've read all the discussions at
standards list. This my be probably not the best time for implementing
whiteboarding (in context of standardization), on the other hand it
would be great to have whiteboard in Gajim which could interoperate
with i.e. Joonas's implementation in Psi (and after GSoC work in
parallel on whiteboarding in two independent clients). Decision will
be probably made by XMPP developers community so I've just wanted to
know whether there any chances for it on GSoC2008. It seems that these
are not very big currently :)

It would be great if you could ask other people at XSF how they see
this. Is there any sense for applying with this project or will it
meet strong rejection.

>  > * test framework: some sort of automated tests to test features in
>  > Gajim to avoid regressions
>  Important, but kind of boring. But maybe you get excited about it. :) I
>  think it's important to work on something that excites you, not just
>  something that would be good for the community. Yes it's hard to balance
>  those things sometimes...

I thought of including automatic GUI testing stuff in it so it would
be more fun. But yes - writing tests might be boring :]

>  > * plugin system
>  Plugins are always cool. :)

I'll probably write sth longer later, but in short this would include
help with reorganizing how events work (there's a ticket for this
already), and creating some hooks in gui (main menu, roster, chat
window, context menu). IBM's Sametime has a pretty good documentation
on it as they have generalized Sametime in version 7.5 and build a
pretty nice framework. I've developed plugin for it during my
internship at IBM so I have some experience in plugins system in
(commercial) IM client.

This would be really great to have because I remember that was really
disappointed by Psi approach. I've been waiting for plugins system
there for a long time and AFAIK Psi still has some Qt4 issues and
plugins system is further down the road. Gajim is written in Python so
it's easier to extend it but it's hard to organize these extensions so
plugins system would be awesome IMHO :)

>  > * BOSH thing
>  IMHO BOSH will become more widespread (we hope to launch it soon at
>  jabber.org once we install ejabberd 2.0.0 on a new machine) so support
>  for it in Gajim would be great.

You mean XMPP over BOSH?

>  Other projects I think are interesting (I am not sure if Gajim already
>  supports these, my apologies if it does -- I'm a Psi user but would be
>  happy to test Gajim on the Mac once that port is stable):
>  [cut!]
>  - support for message archiving (XEP-0136) -- this may be one of the
>  community's priorities for 2008

And it might be a really great project to implement for GSoC. I'm
personally interested in making this work in Gajim ASAP as I use
multiple OSes.

Regards -- Mateusz Biliński
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