2008/3/5 Peter Saint-Andre <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
>  I think it would be great to have an implementation of SXE whiteboarding
>  in Psi and an implementation in Gajim!
>  Unfortunately, we have competing proposals for whiteboarding over XMPP.
>  The XMPP Council needs to decide how to proceed. The "least-worst"
>  solution may be for the XSF to publish both as informational specs and
>  "let the market decide" about the best approach. If both Psi and Gajim
>  support the SXE approach (I think they are the two most popular
>  Jabber-only clients) then that would be part of the market
>  decision-making process. ;-)

Yes, indeed this would be a market decision. The biggest advantage of
this of would be that most of 'pure-jabber' user could whiteboard with
each other. Nice perspective :)

>  And of course SXE whiteboarding could be written as a plugin. ;-) But
>  you'll need to chat with Asterix to see if he thinks this is a good project.

This is Asterix's proposal from Gajim's MUC channel, so probably he
thinks this one is crucial for Gajim's development.

>  > You mean XMPP over BOSH?
>  Yes. But perhaps Gajim already includes support for this somewhere in SVN?

BOSH in Gajim is also Asterix's suggestion, so I don't suppose there
has been made any significant implementation stuff in this area.

>  > And it might be a really great project to implement for GSoC. I'm
>  > personally interested in making this work in Gajim ASAP as I use
>  > multiple OSes.
>  This also may be in Gajim SVN. I don't know what's in Gajim and what
>  isn't, so chat with Asterix about it. :)

I found a ticket related to Message Archiving in Gajim's Trac:
So this is probably open for implementation too.

>  BTW, all reports are that Asterix is a great mentor so I hope you can
>  find a project that will be accepted!

Great to hear that :) I also hope that we'll be able to find valuable
project for Gajim's community that wil be accepted (and also will be
FUN :]).

Thanks for your comments.

Regards -- Mateusz Biliński
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