I am happy to see that you are interested in hacking on Gajim during
GSoC, Mateusz.

A few days ago Asterix asked whether I have any ideas for possible GSoC
projects. After a short discussion we came up with the following list:

1) Plugin system
2) testframework

In my opinion those are more valuable to Gajim than the whiteboard you
mentioned. Of course whiteboarding is a cool feature but let me explain
why I would prefer the plug-in system for now.

Working on architecture is a priority after 0.12. We have to kill some
complexity but also make it flexible enough to allow plugins.
That you already have experiences with plug-in system is great, as we

I believe it will be much easier to add new features once the
architecture is reworked. Furthermore testing could be simplified
because me might be able to test different parts independently of each

Of course you can start with a whiteboarding plugin if you have the time
and the passion :-)
Maybe there has been some progress on the XSF front by then. 

Great to have this discussion here. I see lots of possible great new
features, but still have to keep an eye on the maintainability of Gajim.

Best Regards,
Stephan Erb

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