On Fri, Mar 7, 2008 at 1:57 PM, Stephan Erb <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>  I am happy to see that you are interested in hacking on Gajim during
>  GSoC, Mateusz.
>  A few days ago Asterix asked whether I have any ideas for possible GSoC
>  projects. After a short discussion we came up with the following list:
>  1) Plugin system
>  2) testframework
>  3) BOSH
>  In my opinion those are more valuable to Gajim than the whiteboard you
>  mentioned. Of course whiteboarding is a cool feature but let me explain
>  why I would prefer the plug-in system for now.

I fully agree.

>  Working on architecture is a priority after 0.12. We have to kill some
>  complexity but also make it flexible enough to allow plugins.
>  That you already have experiences with plug-in system is great, as we
>  don't.
>  I believe it will be much easier to add new features once the
>  architecture is reworked. Furthermore testing could be simplified
>  because me might be able to test different parts independently of each
>  other.

I've talked to Asterix today, he said he had talked to you, he
proposed plugins system as most wanted and I agreed. So plug-in system
will be the main project I'll propose in application for GSoC. As a
second-chance project (if XSF for some reason would reject this one) I
thought of 'message archiving' because (as stpeter said) XSF wants to
make it more popular in 2008. What do you think about that?

>  Of course you can start with a whiteboarding plugin if you have the time
>  and the passion :-)
>  Maybe there has been some progress on the XSF front by then.

I'd like to implement it in Gajim for sure some day, but first things
first. I think Gajim should benefit from GSoC2008 and plug-ins system
seems to be the right way.

>  Great to have this discussion here. I see lots of possible great new
>  features, but still have to keep an eye on the maintainability of Gajim.

Yeap. The faster Gajim gets plug-in system the better. :)

We agreed with Asterix that at the end of GSoC2008 apart from plug-in
system itself there should be two (or maybe one) simple (example)
plug-ins to demonstrate the way how to create own.

Asterix have one in mind but he had to leave so we'll probably talk in
the evening.

I thought of Gajim integration with Google maps (where people in
roster currently are) or Google calendar (add events from texts in
conversation, get notification of upcoming events - although I don't
know whether there isn't some kind of a bot made by Google) or maybe a
simple SMS plug-in.

Do you have any ideas? I think these plug-ins would be a really nice
(and easy to check) target to achieve during GSoC.

Regards -- Mateusz Biliński
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