On Sun, Mar 9, 2008 at 11:35 PM, Stephan Erb <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>  > I've talked to Asterix today, he said he had talked to you, he
>  > proposed plugins system as most wanted and I agreed. So plug-in system
>  > will be the main project I'll propose in application for GSoC. As a
>  > second-chance project (if XSF for some reason would reject this one) I
>  > thought of 'message archiving' because (as stpeter said) XSF wants to
>  > make it more popular in 2008. What do you think about that?
>  That's a reasonable decision and will be very valuable to Gajim and its
>  future. I really appreciate your decision.

So now that decision is made it's time for hands-on job :]

>  > Do you have any ideas? I think these plug-ins would be a really nice
>  > (and easy to check) target to achieve during GSoC.
>  This google integration is a very good idea. By then PEP GeoIP should be
>  in place and you could use your plugin to fill it life. I couldn't think
>  of a GUI for it yet, you found it :-)

Sounds pretty good although Asterix came out with sth that might be
more appropriate as example plug-in (details below).

>  This could also show people how to modify the GUI: You might render a
>  small globe in the roster (next to the avatar) when a contact has
>  published his current position and activity.

OK. Another place to include in GUI hooks of plug-in system. [Added to my notes]

>  What do you mean with a SMS plug-in? Do you want to interact with your
>  mobilephone or would it be some kind of sms transport?

I rather thought of using external services - nothing to do with XMPP.
Just show that you can use Gajim to connected external data with
contacts in roster. For example it could be done by using urllib and
sending data using form on some GSM provider site (in Poland one of
three operators allow this, there are also APIs for paid SMS

>  Another possible plugin I can think of is integration with the evolution
>  address book. Afair the conduit guys are working on python bindings for
>  some time now.

Yeap. I thought of it too. But I suppose we will postpone this one for
after-GSoC times.

>  Of course there is much more work to be done. We have many existing
>  features that should be outsourced as plugins.
>  (e.g. AWN toolbar integration and maybe some less frequently used
>  features like the latex formula rendering).
>  But imho this porting should be our task, not yours. :-)

Probably you're right. I think currently we should focus on
implementing a good plug-in system and then many new doors will open.

Porting some parts of Gajim to plug-ins would be a pretty good testing
phase for plug-ins system itself. I mean whether system is generalized

   Plug-in that Asterix came up with: Advanced Notification Control -
it is currently partly implemented in svn, though not visible. But
probably you're more aware of this than I am :)
   For all people that read this mailing list but don't know what ANC
is. In short: you're able to assign customized notifications (sounds,
pop-up windows, etc.) with events that happen in Gajim - some becomes
Online/Offline, someone writes something, someone changes status
message, etc.
   This plug-in would show how to invoke notifications in plug-in as
well as connect into data stream and events in Gajim. Maybe some GUI
hooks would also be used.
   What do you think about it? I agreed with Asterix that this would
be a pretty good example for future plug-in developers.

   The second example plug-in we thought of is an 'acronym expansions'
plug-in. This would be of course much simplier than ANC. In short: you
write a msg with acronym 'IMO' and hit enter. Before sending message
Gajim would automatically expand acronym to 'in my opinion'. Of course
these acronym would be customizable. People would be able to add for
example 'MYBAN' which would exand to hardcoded bank account number.
   So what do you think about his one? :>

Regards -- Mateusz Biliński
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