Henning Oschwald wrote:
Hi guys,

First I want to mention that I'm a lucky Gajim user (gaim-svn on
Debian). Thanks for this cool software.


r9571 | js | 2008-05-04 22:47:51 +0200 (So, 04 Mai 2008) | 2 lines

Redesign the chat window GUI. Should be more userfriendly now.

It isn't, at least for me. :-(
I must say first that I'm blind, so i'm using a screen reader software
(Orca), using the keyboard exclusively (no mouse.)

The old 'actions' context menu (alt+a) was quite accessible for me to
access functions such as buddy information or sending files. After the
change the context menu hass been replaced by some buttons which are
currently not accessible via the keyboard and don't provide
shortcuts. I'ld definitely vote for the old message window style.




Thanks for your mail, that's nice to have comments from "non-standard-users"
This space is currently not used in Gajim, so that's nice to have those icons I think. But I agree that using only the keyboard is interesting, not only for you. So what about adding shortcuts like Alt+I for Information window, etc ?

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