While thinking about testability I also wondered about what we shall do
with code that is not just a little bit buggy but worse.

Think of a house that was once nice and tidy and is now totally rotten.
A window was smashed and nobody repaired it. 
It is the same with code and we have to fix broken windows when they

A broken window is everything that nobody understands, doesn't work
properly or simply is implemented in a very ugly fashion.

I propose to remove such code for now and to come back on it in a later
release cycle (maybe as a plugin).
Of course this is not always possible but we should really consider it,

When I look at gajim, I see the following broken windows:
 - OSX integration
 - OTR-Encryption
 - GPG-Encryption

Nobody should feel accused or attacked, it is not meant personally but I
only want you all think about what we have at the moment and what we
really want or what our goals should be.

And hey, never forget, I smashed the biggest window - the roster....

What do you think?


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