Hey Brandon, hey Yann,

thanks for bringing this issue up here. You are both right that we
really have to work on a test suite.

Unluckily we have a long way to go before we can even start writing
tests. Gajim is almost untestable it its current state.

Just have a look at common/connection_handlers.py that is calling
functions of GUI roster. That must not happen.

To make testing possible, we should concentrate on decoupling our
modules.That might be a long, dull and error-prone way.
Therefore, Brandon, I like your pragmatic way of simply identifying a
good point to start and to just kick-off.

When we can assure that certain parts work properly we can confidently
start refactoring other, more coupled modules, and in the end also write
tests for them.

I guess it might be hard to start on the GUI level. Yann may be you can
elaborate what you thought of.

What about the following:
  src/common/nslookup.py (might be tricky but worth it!)
  src/common/events.py (first, we might think of refactoring it...)

Does anyone of you (or ´╗┐of course any other subscriber) have experience
with testing?
I once saw a presentation about xUnit and the only think I can remember
is that even when writing tests, you can do a lot of things wrong....

Kind Regards,

On Mon, 2008-05-12 at 22:00 -0600, Brendan Taylor wrote: 
> Has anybody given thought to an automated test suite for Gajim?
> It would make it a lot easier to refactor parts of the code without
> introducing bugs that require a lot of manual testing to find.
> Getting to a point where the suite is complete enough to be useful will
> be difficult, but even the process of making Gajim testable would help
> reduce some of the coupling between modules.
> I think the best way to start is find a place in the code that it would
> be easy to write tests for and work out from there.
> Is there any interest in this? Any suggestions about a good place to
> start writing tests against?
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