Stephan Erb <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> When I look at gajim, I see the following broken windows:
>  - OSX integration

It's totally broken and I'm for reverting it and doing it from scratch.

>  - OTR-Encryption

We can keep that in trunk and just remove the line that loads the OTR
module before release. It's possible that we get it fixed, but I really
doubt it,

>  - GPG-Encryption

What's broken about GPG? Never had any issues with it.

But you forgot the biggest breakage: Session centric. Since the merge
of session centric, nearly nothing works correctly anymore. I often
have 5 chat tabs with one person, random crashes, etc. If we keep
session centric in, I don't expect a release before 2009. There is
still so much to fix. bct sure did a lot of great work here, but it
looks to me that this is just too complex. And I don't see any
advantage we get from it, besides tictactoe which isn't even a XEP and
will never get one because it uses messages instead of iq, since there
is no other client supporting it yet - and I guess for good reasons.


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