Since we change subject, ok let's discuss a bit more.
I *hate* git. Mercurial is very nice (and in python; bazaar is also DVCS and
in Python btw) but I'm not sure if Trac intergrates nicely with those two.
and I'm a huge fan of TRAC. is experimental. is far from complete.. (read as doesn't work)

and yea there is also Darcs etc. Maybe if trac mercurial goes stable but I
still wouldn't vote for it because it will make it a lot harder to manage

For more on PITA managing the team and releasing, consider reading

That's all

On 5/30/08, Jonathan Schleifer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> "Jeffrey Ollie" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Have you tried msysgit?  I haven't tried it myself as I'm not a
> > regular user of Windows.
> Doesn't sound too comfortable either. For Mercurial, there's even
> TortoiseHg which is as comfortable as TortoiseSvn :). And working with
> terminal apps on Windows is always a PITA due to the sucky shell.
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