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Hi all.
I'm organizing my development environment for GSoC (and of course
coding in parallel ;) ), so basically what I do is:

1. Writing code.
As the base I use these coding standards:
Although, I not necessarily agree with all statements [i.e. max length
of line equal to 80 chars (pretty 'oldish' in modern times, 100 or
even more would be probably more reasonable here )] but I'll try to
use them to keep code consistent.

Yes please, it's really easier when coding in console.

2. Writing tests.
bct has created new directory and already put some testing files in
there for sessions. I've written some simple test file for
PluginManager and probably I'll commit it to my branch very soon.

It would be great to write standards here, too, and/or some kind of
common module (with 'init' function). In example, I use the same code
as bct to update paths (which is required to tests work properly from
this new 'test/' directory). So, this 'paths updating' would be our
common code for starters. It's not much, but maybe later we'll find
more common code to put there.

I haven't looked at that code yet, but having common code for all test program sounds a must.

3. Documenting code [aka 'API docs']
I haven't found any official API docs for Gajim, so I've started
generating them on my own. Here are basic effects:

Config file used to create docs linked above is here:

Great, I'll add that to website !

If we decide to document code more, we'll have to choose from three
possible markups:
* epytext:
* reStructuredText:
* Javadoc:
(bottom of page)

Generally, I would opt for epytext (this is default markup) as this is
probably the best implemented one in Epydoc and very similar to
Javadoc, which is probably known to most of us. Or we could use
Javadoc itself. This way, we will be able to use other doc-generators,
like Doxygen.

We indeed DO need to document our code more properly.
Using epydoc syntax sounds logic, but the ability to use doxygen is nice. It seems to support more features.

Summarizing, the questions is: how should I document my code? :)

Thanks for answers in advance.

I would vote for epydoc syntax. If we really need doxygen one day it seems easy to switch to javadoc.

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