Yavor Doganov wrote:
These files are under "GPLv2 only":


This is not allowed, as their license is incompatible with the license
of the package as a whole.

These files do not have copyright notices:


To release a project unambiguously under the GPL, all non-trivial
files (usually anything above 10-15 lines) should carry a copyright

Also, images should have a README with a short copyright notice, see
http://www.gnu.org/prep/maintain/html_node/Copyright-Notices.html for
details (or the Emacs repository where it is actually done).

Ok we'll fixe all that as described in the ticket you opened.

Not a licensing problem in a strict sense, but relicensing Gajim under
"GPLv3 only" (as opposed to GPLv3+) has some inconvenient
consequences, like contacting all the authors for the next license
upgrade.  This already causes trouble for "GPLv2 only" projects which
cannot obtain such a relicensing permission from all the contributors,
and cannot be distributed in the case, say, when the "GPLv2 only"
program links against a LGPLv3 library.

Indeed it is a problem, but one of our previous dev don't want to
release under GPLv3+ (some of his code is still in Gajim: optparser)


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