Thanks Yann (and sorry for the slow reply).

> To help you, you chould read src/ It's the UI that you need to
> copy (and remove every graphical things)
> for idlequeue, there is a comment in this file:
> # in a nongui implementation, just call:
> # gajim.idlequeue = IdleQueue() , and
> # gajim.idlequeue.process() each foo miliseconds

I'd already started out along those lines but was finding it hard to
see what was essential (two files called caused me some
confusion early on, but I see from the wiki that you plan to fix

> You also need to parse config file (see parser variable in

I've so far avoided this by passing my parameters directly through to
the Connection constructor.

> You plan to create
> a client in curses or something like that?

The plan is to use the gajim library as the pubsub client backend for
a desktop tool (probably wxPython right now).

> Don't hesitate to ask more info

I've been a bit busy for the last few days, but I'll take another look
as soon as I can.

Thanks for the info,

Phil Wilson
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