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not that I hack anymore on Gajim but I am always against DVCS and their ideas and especially on projects with small amount of contributors such as Gajim.

I strongly believe that SVN rocks and also for you to commit upstream and keep it centralized and great. On big projects this "must commit your hd changes" every day or two is close to commiting suicide. But Gajim needs this way of thinking to go forward, to push more releases. You can see the problem if you look in svn brances that were abonded or were partially commited to the trunk.

Again those issues and worries I express are not for Gajim. Try

If Yann and rest of the active devs have decided Gajim needs the D then it's ok :)

Happy hacking

DVCS doesn't mean that everybody works on his part and never pushes anymore. Normally, you instantly push after committing. You only do that later if you're offline.

Also, even small projects benefit from hg. We switched from svn to hg at Audacious a long while ago, and it's far less stress to maintain branches etc. :)


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