Yavor Doganov wrote:
> Jonathan Schleifer wrote:
>> No translation is better than a wrong and unmtaintained translation.
> Really?  Unmaintained translations just accumulate more fuzzy and
> untranslated strings, which are *not* displayed at runtime.  So
> basically, you are removing all translated strings that should be
> correct.
> OTOH, a 100% complete translation can be utterly wrong and unusable
> compared to a 40% complete good translation.

That's true, but from a user point of view, having a 40% completed
translation is very unpleasant. Switching read language is very not
pleasant IMO.
And we just removed those translations from release, not from trunk.

> I am inclined to do the reverse -- if you continue with this practice,
> I think I will stop maintaining my own translation.  I don't like the
> idea of punishing all our users by deleting my work if I can't catch
> up for a particular release.

It's the time of blackmailed these days !
We don't want to punish anyone, of course. If someone is interested in
continuing those translations, we'll of course give him the po (which is
still in trunk by the way)

>> But that means you have to verify the translation makes sense etc.
> Even the best translator can't do that, which is why translation teams
> cooperate and try to fix bugs by looking at each others work, and
> processing users' bug reports.  By deleting a translation just because
> it is not complete you are seriously interfering with this natural
> process, and this is harmful.  It also opens the gate to lots of
> duplicate work -- a person may start translating 0.12 from scratch
> instead of stepping on the shoulders of previous translators.

Once again po file is not removed completly, only from the release
because having 2 languages to read is not userfriendly at all.

Just our opinion.

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