Yann Leboulanger writes:

> Yavor Doganov wrote:
>> Yann Leboulanger wrote:
> [...]
>>> We don't want to punish anyone, of course.
>> But in effect you do exactly that.  If you think this is a way to
>> attract more translators, you are again wrong -- this is
>> precisely the recipe to drive them away.  Ask other seasoned
>> translators, if you don't beleive me.  It might be useful also to
>> poll users who traditionally use a localized system.
> You think we do, we think we help users to have a nicer Gajim.
> Now if we have complains, or if most people think we are wrong, we
> are open to critics, of course !
> I heard your complaint. Is it shared?

Both sides are very speculative.

I also consider only fractional translation of a program below a
certain percentage more annoying than helping.  People who want to
use it must know English anyway, and then, switching your brain
between the languages is uncomfortable.  (But this is just a guess,

Moreover, I don't agree that having the po file just in the trunk is
a bad compromise.  On the contrary, it is a good one.  It is easily
accessible to all potential translators.


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