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> Jonathan Schleifer a écrit :
> > Here's a mail where OpenBSD states why they won't commit 0.12 into
> > their ports tree.
> Thanks for the news.
> > So much for "This is not a issue for users not using GPRS", Yann.
> This is not a personal attack, no, of course.

It's not. It's just that I want to show you that it's not true that
this is only affecting GPRS users.

> > We need to release 0.12.1, and we need to do 
> > that ASAP!
> your a dev, as me, and I don't really see your commits to fix the 
> problem you caused : 
> http://www.lagaule.org/pipermail/translators/2008-December/000271.html

I committed it to trunk, like always. And I told you that I do that and
asked you to backport it to 0.12. Plus, I'm not on the translators
list, as I can't subscribe, which I also already told you.

> I don't see your commits to implement what has been discussed in the 
> jabber room: 
> http://www.gajim.org/muc_logs/ga...@conference.gajim.org/2008/12/18.html#22:09:00

Not solving the problem, but only making the user aware of it.

Why not send a blank space every 55 sec to avoid routers closing idle
connections? That would also detect if our connection is dead, thanks
to TCP/IP. And that's what one really understands when talking about
keep alive. What we do is ping, not keep alive.

> I'm not saying it's your job more than mine or the job of any dev, of 
> course, just that it's a free software, we all have many other things
> to do, and that putting presure on others is not a good thing.

I'm not saying to release as it is, but that we need to find a
solution, test that and release a 0.12.1 ASAP.

> have nice end of year parties

You too :).


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