As it's not possiblt to have private mail, let's continue here.

Jonathan Schleifer wrote:
> Yann Leboulanger <> wrote:
>> Jonathan Schleifer a écrit :
> It's not. It's just that I want to show you that it's not true that
> this is only affecting GPRS users.

thousands of people uses svn version and have no problem, it's why I
still thing xmpp ping is a good thing.
You can look in trac, some people are disappointed because they send a
message, and have no answer. They have to wait 10 minutes at least to
know they are disconnected. Gajim is a *instant* messager. Having to
wait 10 minutes to know we are no more connected is not an option in my

> I committed it to trunk, like always. And I told you that I do that and
> asked you to backport it to 0.12. Plus, I'm not on the translators
> list, as I can't subscribe, which I also already told you.

translations was for 0.12. I didn't see why it was for trunk. And I
don't know when you told me to commit it to 0.12 branch, nor why you
can't do that. As you cannot be in translators mailling list, I'll
maintership to someone who can receive and review patches from other

> Why not send a blank space every 55 sec to avoid routers closing idle
> connections? That would also detect if our connection is dead, thanks
> to TCP/IP. And that's what one really understands when talking about
> keep alive. What we do is ping, not keep alive.

See my comments above. Having to wait 10 minutes for an *instant*
messager is not an option in my opinion.

> I'm not saying to release as it is, but that we need to find a
> solution, test that and release a 0.12.1 ASAP.

Sure we have to find a solution. But that can (and will IMO) take a long
time ...

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