Am 21.12.2008 um 11:42 schrieb Yann Leboulanger:

I won't put oil on fire, just to tell that after private dicussion,
there is indeed a problem with TCP timout, it lasts more than 10 minutes.

That is because Gajim doesn't call setsockopt().

So tests are needed to improve that. But 0.12.1 should be released
before that to fix filetransfer I think.

Well, I have a fix for the timeout problem I guess. I'll outline it here:

• Use setsockopt() to enable TCP/IP keepalives. We can even adjust
  the time for those with setsockopt().
• Change the behaviour from sending pings every keep_alive_foo_secs
  to sending a space every keep_alive_foo_secs.
• Keep the value for keep_alive_every_foo_secs at 55, so we send a
  space every 55 sec to prevent disconnection.
• Remove time_for_keep_alive_answer.
• Try if this is already enough - which is very likely, but if not:
  • Introduce ping_every_foo_secs and time_for_ping_reply with *SANE*
    values. Sane means much higher than the keepalives. Like every 120
    sec a ping which needs to be answered in 60 sec.

Any objection to release 0.12.1 now?

Yes. Fixing file transfers is not as important as fixing stability issues IMO. Fixing the stability isssues should be our top priority atm.

What do you think about this: We implement those changes I suggest above and try if that fixes the issue. I'm pretty sure it will.

I think releasing a 0.12.1 without a fix for the stability issues will disappoint and upset our users a lot, as some were mad enough to change clients already (seems Psi is very popular among those). If we release a 0.12.1 without that fix, I fear many users will think we're unable to fix it and move to another client.


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