Am 09.02.2009 um 07:04 schrieb Yann Leboulanger:

codecs are handled by gstreamer, not sure we do a lot about that. I CC
to liori who may have ideas about that.

Ok, then another project would be to get all that running on Windows. I'm not so sure how well gstreamer runs on Windows, a while ago, it wouldn't run there at all IIRC.

Gajim is not an organisation.

It doesn't need to be. Last year, Audacious participated in the GSoC as well and we're not an organization there either AFAIK. :)

And I don't have to time to manage all that process.

Well, I don't know how much work it is to manage that, I have to admit. But is it really more than having a list of projects, assigning mentors to them and looking that the mentors do their jobs?

PS: I replied to the list, even if you message was only to me.

Yeah, thanks. Apple Mail often screws that up. I always have to add the list manually.


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