Jonathan Schleifer wrote:
> Yavor Doganov <> wrote:
> > No.  If a GPL'ed package incorporates files under GPL-compatible
> > licenses (with or without modifications), it is perfectly OK to
> > prepend the GPL license and copyright notice.
> Only if the license under which the files are allows relicensing.

This is not relicensing.  This is releasing a version of this code
under different terms, which most of the permissive free software
licenses explicitly allow.  That's the most important thing which
distinguishes copyleft and non-copyleft licenses.

> You can't just release something under GPL which is not released by
> the original author under GPL. You violate his copyright then.

I suggest that you read one famous and popular license of that kind:

Just like Apple is bundling XNU from various pieces released (well,
most of them) under free non-copyleft licenses, and releasing it as a
whole as proprietary software, you are free to do the reverse as long
as you respect the original license.  Which is the case here, except
for pysyncmenu.c (which has little to do with this discussion and

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