Stephan Erb wrote:
> Hello all,
> with this mail I and this commit [1] I officially resign from the
> position of a developer.
> Within the last months I barely had the time and the motivation to keep
> contributing to Gajim. I don't see an upcoming shift in that and I want
> to move on to new tasks.
> Thanks for the great time. I learned a lot and lot of fun. 
> I will stay around in the community, might even contribute a patch on a
> rainy summer day :-)
> Anyway, I am very pleased to see new momentum in the community: New
> ideas, new patch writers, a new release, regular ticket work. You're
> doing a great job! Thanks.
> Kind regards,
> steve-e
> [1]

Thanks for your great help in Gajim development. I wish you good other
projects, and I hope you won't stay too far from Gajim ;)

If one day you wish to come back, the door will be open!

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