On Mon, Jun 8, 2009 at 15:50, Alessio Caiazza<nol...@abisso.org> wrote:
> Il 08/06/2009 15:44, Jonathan Schleifer ha scritto:
>> Alessio Caiazza <nol...@abisso.org> wrote:
>>> Doing so will be very simple to manage external MQ-patches' repo and
>>> forks.
>> You know, you can do that even without bitbucket. That's the point of
>> hg.
> Oh yes, I can, but I like the way bitbucket manages MQ repos.
> Just asked for an "official" mirror, in order to save space on my
> personal account.
> Tnx a lot for your reply.

Well, I could do it on my bitbucket account. The question is how to
make sure that the repo is always up-to-date? Using 'changegroup' hook
on hg.gajim.org?

Mateusz Biliński
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