Yann Leboulanger <aste...@lagaule.org> wrote:

> I still have the same objections: using a build system that we cannot
> find in distributions

See audacious, conspire, etc. They include it in their distributions.

> that is used by 3 projects, which has no
> documentation,

The code should be pretty self-explaining.

> and that is maintained by one person.

How is that a problem? The buildsys is more or less done, there's not
much to maintain.

> I don't know
> anything about it, 

It's just normal, plain make.

> nor how to do things it doesn't do for the moment:
> installing .py files (it only installs .pyc)

There is no need to install .py files. Why do you want to install them?
> Is compilation really needed in osx branch?

Yes, for growl, dock icon stuff, etc.

> even with the changes that
> are beeing made in GDK to not always use X windows? Gajim is not
> usable in OSX anyway (wrong shortcut, many features missing)

There are no wrong shortcuts if the patch is applied which in the repo.

> and is not developed anymore.

Because there was no feedback. It works fine for me.


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