> Hi,
> It seems that something is wrong with the audio recording in current
> gajim from hg.
> We have done the following:
> I used gajim the other used empathy.
> Gajim can receive and play something from empathy but empathy
> couldn't  play anything.
> It seems that gajim doesn't send audio correctly.
> To test my mic I have installed pidgin and we could do a working
> audiocall with it. (pidgin -> empathy).
> Maybe this helps you to solve the problem!!!
> Thanks
> halim
Thanks for your report.
Now, I think I know where this is coming from.
empathy sends information (other side is ringing, ready, ...) non
supported by gajim yet. gajim does let empathy know about it by sending
an error (this is the correct way), and sets session state to error
(that's not really correct, since the error is not fatal), which cause
the GUI not to show up, and the mic volume is set to 0.

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