Mako N. wrote:
> I try to translate Gajim of nightly version.  I created a gajim.pot by
> following commands:
> $ hg clone gajim
> $ cd gajim && hg pull && hg up -C
> $ ./
> $ cd po
> $ make update-po
> The created gajim.pot has 1499 strings.  Is it correct?
> It seems that all messages under the directory ../data/gui/ do not
> appear in the gajim.pot.  So, most of menu items can not be
> translated.

I't now several hours I try to get translatable string from .ui files,
but without success. I saw that [type: gettext/glade] is needed in, so I added this line in after is created

perl -i -pe 's/(.*)\.ui/\[type: gettext\/glade\]$1.ui/' po/

But that doesn't help.

Even intltool-extract --type=gettext/glade roster_window.ui Doesn't
extract anything.

I don't know where is the problem.
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