Am 06.05.2010 um 13:46 schrieb Remigiusz Modrzejewski:

> Hi!
> It seems that development of the OS X branch is lagging behind.

Yes, I discontinued it, as I got tired of updating it all the time, as it was 
stated that the branch is never going to get merged anyway.

Back when I started the branch, there were some severe bugs with autoconf + 
libtool, preventing compilation completely (libtool would always try to mix 
flags that exclude each other). I asked back then and nobody cared at all about 
finding a solution and nobody had a veto when I said I was going to change the 
buildsys, as that seemed the most easy way back then.

But nowadays, everybody complains I changed the buildsys, there were demands I 
port it back to autotools etc. I got tired of all that and abandoned the port.

> Is it continued at all? Are there any significant problems with it? I'm 
> thinking about devoting some time to bringing it to current version, but 
> haven't investigated yet on how much work would it be...

See the above problems. Basically, you need to look for all source changes in 
the OS X branch, port them to the default branch and fix automake and libtool.

Then again, Gtk on OS X is still a PITA. A PITA that huge that I actually 
switched back to Adium and only start Gajim for server administration (Adium's 
support of Ad-hoc commands is painful).

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