Le 06/12/2010 12:37, Michael Jurke a écrit :
Hi all,

I have a question respective the Gajim whiteboard feature based on SXE
(Shared XML Editing, XEP-0284). Is it based on SVG and how far does the
Gajim SVG support go? What kind of elements can be viewed - or does it
use an external library - then what kind of tools do you have to
create/edit elements? I guess there will be polylines and standard
shapes only but I'd like to confirm it.

It is based on svg, yes, it supports brush (point per point drawing), line and oval elements.
we support color and line width attributes.
We don't use external library for SVG and we use goocanvas library to draw.

Patches to improve things are of course welcome if you have other ideas.

Do you plan to implement that in another client?

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