Hi, my name is Jefry Lagrange and I'm applying for GSOC this summer. I
have a rough idea of what the proposal should look like, so I would
like to have some input, in case I'm getting some things mixed up.

First, I modify the protocol class in xmmp/protocol.py to better
handle acks (if needed).

Second, I create a new class stream_management (or whatever other
name), in the protocol.py file, that will inherit the protocol class,
and will create acks and keep track of the stanzas that have not been
handled (probably this should be in a separate class).

Third, I implement the stream_management class by analyzing the flow
of the networking stuff. I'm not sure if that sounds right...
Basically I just need to check how stanzas are sent and receive and
there, handle the acks with the stream_management class.

I hope that doesn't sound too confusing.

Jefry Lagrange
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