Am 24.05.2011 um 00:11 schrieb Zhihao Yuan:

> So? You mean an audio player that occupies the sound device for an
> hour is correctly but an IM software that borrows the device for
> seconds is incorrect?

Yes, I do. If my audio player is running, I want to listen to music, not get a 
"Device is busy" error message followed by the player stopping because Gajim 
took /dev/dsp.

> Think about it.

There's nothing to think about it, experience taught me it's really annoying.

> And btw, no proper audio player
> only supports OSS.

It matters exactly zero if the audio player supports more than OSS. It might 
support Sun Audio and use that so that it does not have to use OSS emulation. 
Do I care? No. Does it make any difference? No. Busy soundcard is busy 
soundcard, no matter how it has been opened…


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