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> Am 24.05.2011 um 19:45 schrieb Zhihao Yuan:
>> I'm not sure whether you understand what Gajim does. If your audio
>> player (the one only knows OSS) is running, gajim can not open the OSS
>> device.
> Exactly, so it opens the device for 3 - 4 seconds and I want to play an audio 
> file. My audio player fails to play the next file and errors out. So each 
> time that happens, I have to restart playback.

Which audio player you are using? It looks like it's forking itself to
play the next file.

>> Then show me your "experience". Don't imaging.
> Ever used NetBSD, where you have no kernel mixing, or OpenBSD without aucat? 
> It happens, it's annoying.
> Even worse (and I haven't looked if your patch does that): Wait for the audio 
> device and play the sound. It happend to me already that after I quit mplayer 
> which was playing a movie I got all the event sounds sequentially, so it was 
> playing notification sounds for a few minutes after quitting mplayer…

I think the bubbles are shown at the same time.

>> You know what? "Busy soundcard is busy soundcard". That's not anyone
>> but the stupid GNU believers' fault! 1. Do not complain if you do no
>> meet the problem (actually, it's pretty hard to reproduce); 2.
>> Complain with GNU's philosophy, not me.
> Now you're starting to talk bullshit as GNU has exactly nothing to do with 
> OSS. And it has even less to do with the sound systems on BSDs.
> Can you please stop ignoring the problem just for the sake of having your 
> patch applied? Either fix the problem (i.e. make it optional) or don't, but 
> stop making up imaginary arguments like it's GNU's fault even though they 
> have exactly 0 involvement with it.

I need your help on this: can you try to 'import sunaudiodev' in
python? If you can, show me the result of
'sunaudiodev.open('wb').getinfo()'. Since I don't have a
NetBSD/OpenBSD box.

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