Am 25.05.2011 um 20:08 schrieb Zhihao Yuan:

> Which audio player you are using? It looks like it's forking itself to
> play the next file.

Why does that description sound to you like that at all? No, of course it does 
not do that, why would it? It re-open's the device. Which is a pretty normal 
thing to do, considering different files can have different frequencies and 

> I think the bubbles are shown at the same time.

What bubbles?

> I need your help on this: can you try to 'import sunaudiodev' in
> python? If you can, show me the result of
> ''wb').getinfo()'. Since I don't have a
> NetBSD/OpenBSD box.

Sorry, I don't have a box here atm. I'm pretty much limited to my MacBook Pro 
for now. You could maybe try it in a VM?


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