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Envoyé le : Lun 25 juillet 2011, 15h 17min 57s
Objet : Re: [Gajim-devel] PKCS12 with password

>Connection object should try to open the 
>certificat, if that fails, asks a password, before trying to connect. 

One suggestion :

In the UI where the user declares what p12 to use for his account, there could 
be a checkbox with which the user says if the p12 file is encrypted or not.

This way, the code in tls_nb.py does not have to be exception dependent but 
rather based on user declaration.

If the user has declared an encrypted p12 file, a dialog asks for the password 
and load_pkcs is called with two arguments (the file, the password), else, with 
one single argument. as it is now.
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