Hi all,

Gajim 0.15-beta4 has been packaged. Don't hesitate to test it, so we can
fix remaining bugs before the official 0.15 release.

What's new since 0.14.4? here is the ChangeLog:

  * Plugin system
  * Whiteboard (via a plugin)
  * Message archiving
  * Stream managment
  * IBB
  * Nested roster group
  * Roster filtrering
  * UPower support
  * GPG support for windows
  * Spell checking support for windows

Main fixed problems since 0.15-beta3 are:
 - Fix some traceback
 - Check hostname in SSL certificates
 - use 'login' keyring as default keyring instead of 'default'
 - Fix Out Of Band registration
 - Improve search in roster

Where can you get it?

Tarball, debian package and windows installer can be downloaded here:

Don't hesitate to open a ticket if you find a problem.

Thanks for your help

Gajim Team
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