Hello, Yann.

> Hi Aleksey,
> Thanks for your patches! Let me repli in your mail.
> On 04/23/2012 08:03 PM, Aleksey Rybalkin wrote:
>> First is about fixing closing/reordering of stacking old-school popup
>> notifications. Rationale: I prefer to use big 'notification_timeout', so
>> popups are stacking up and when I close one which is not the bottom one
>> I
>> expect it close (not the bottom one) and not to have empty space in
>> place
>> of popup I am closing. That was old buggy behavior. Now we save index
>> for
>> each popup window and close popups based on that. Also we re-index
>> popups
>> while reordering them on screen.
> Perfect, I'll include that as soon as I'll test it, but it sounds perfect.

Thanks for applying the patch. I also discovered we now need to correct
list size checking to prevent popping out-of-bounds index. This small
patch is in attachment. I used `hg export [revision]` this time to
preserve the commit message.

>> Second is about adding new configuration option
>> 'show_popup_for_all_unread'. Rationale: I prefer to receive popup
>> notifications even after I opened the chat window after receiving the
>> first message. That is because I use tiling window manager and no panel
>> and don't have systray, so some chat window can be open on desktop 5
>> while
>> I am working on e.g. desktop 2 and I will not know that I received new
>> message in that chat.
> For this one, you can already do that (and much more) with the triggers
> plugin, so I don't think I'll include it ... But don't hesitate to tell
> me if triggers plugin don't fit your needs!

Triggers plugin worked like a charm. Thanks!

>> FYI: I based my fixes on current hg master branch and used `hg diff -c
>> [revision]` to produce .diff files. If merging from forked repository is
>> preferable I can create one on bitbucket for example. Also I suppose new
>> configuration option may have more appropriate name. Any suggestions
>> will
>> be appreciated. If there are style errors I am ready to fix them too.
> It's ok to send patch files, no need of a forked repository. You can
> also open tickets with the patch files attached if you want.
> Thanks a lot for your contribution, and don't hesitate if you want to
> help us!
> --
> Yann

Aleksey Rybalkin
# HG changeset patch
# User Aleksey Rybalkin <alek...@rybalkin.org>
# Date 1335262734 -14400
# Node ID f42a6ed4c3933b24c8bbdc5f3466582c2807d8e6
# Parent  15ac0c4acea8959b4d62deda4501c0730005340a
correctly check window list size before removing from it

diff -r 15ac0c4acea8 -r f42a6ed4c393 src/dialogs.py
--- a/src/dialogs.py    Mon Apr 23 23:22:12 2012 +0200
+++ b/src/dialogs.py    Tue Apr 24 14:18:54 2012 +0400
@@ -2832,7 +2832,7 @@
         gajim.interface.roster.popups_notification_height -= self.window_height
-        if len(gajim.interface.roster.popup_notification_windows) > 0:
+        if len(gajim.interface.roster.popup_notification_windows) > self.index:
             # we want to remove the destroyed window from the list
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