On 02/17/2013 11:23 AM, Petr Gregor wrote:
This is something that is not hard to implement (patch attached)
The patch works great :) Thank you :)

know how to include that in Gajim. I don't want that to be the default
behaviour, that sounds too intrusive to me.

Any idea?

I like the way Psi+ does it. There are little arrows in front of each
message that change color. See attachment (last two messages are not
delivered yet).
Xabber for android uses something similar but instead of arrows there
are small envelop icons.

I am not sure it can be done non intrusively without permanently
adding some new element which will just change a little.

Alternative may be to not show status for each message but instead
show just status for the last one with some icon in top part of
conversation window.

Personnaly thoses arrows are really too annoying for me. it makes the window blinking too much when we receive the XEP-184 answer.

What about an icon in the banner that shows that the contact supports this XEP. And in this case no icon means it's correctly received?

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