I have found at http://qxip.net/mediawiki/index.php/Testing a few
Jingle bots of 6NUM.NET but Gajim thinks that these bots have no A/V
support, though maybe they really don't support A/V.

How can I check whether they do have Jingle support or not so I will
know if the problem is of Gajim or of 6NUM.NET?

May someone please check with Psi or another Jingle supported VoIP
software if these bots do work?

An echo test Jingle bot of Collabora <xmpp:e...@test.collabora.co.uk>
found at http://psi-plus.com/wiki/en:jingle_bots was tested and did
work properly in a previous Gajim version (bot is currently offline).

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