On 07/17/2013 04:09 PM, Kevin Cox wrote:
Hey guys,

I was setting up an XMPP server so I could use message carbons but I had
troubles with getting it to work in gajim.

I read that you have to turn it on in the advanced preferences so I
turned it on for my ID.  However, I didn't get copies, including after a
re-login and a full app restart.

I then manually enabled carbons using the XML console and then I started
getting copies in the XML console but they were not displayed in the
chat window. (This may be because they weren't expected)

There is a good chance I missed something in my setup, otherwise does
anyone know why carbons are not being enabled and displayed?


Thanks for reporting the problem. There is nothing more to setup that enabling the option in advanced configuration editor. So there may be a problem in Gajim. Is your server public so I can test against it?

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