My name is Jarek Lipski and I recently developed BountyFunding (http://bountyfunding.org), a decentralised bounty crowdfunding platform for free / open source software. I was wondering whether you would be interested in trying my project in your development?

Although BountyFunding is still in an alpha/beta stage and it contains some rough edges (for example - the final developer transfer step is manual), it is already functional (check http://bountyfunding.org/demo to see it in action). It is self-hosted and integrates with the Trac issue tracker, so you maintain full control over the process and can decide, for example, which payment methods to accept, which tasks can be sponsored and what features will be developed. BountyFunding is also a free / open source software itself, licensed under AGPL.

As the project is still very new and I don't currently have any users, apart from BountyFunding itself, I can offer dedicated support while deploying the software and resolve any problems if/as they arise (up to 10 hours per week).

I would be very happy to answer any questions you may have,
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