gajim relies on nslookup to resolve SRV records of jabber server, so it fails to operate when nslookup just isn't there. It's a case for any FreeBSD >= 10.0, where all bind/named suite, including nslookup, was removed from base system and replaced with unbound. Right now we patched it to use host(1) to make it work on FreeBSD 10.0 and later. Please see the patch from walker_643:


Can gajim source tree utilize host(1) as a fallback (or generally switch to it, because host(1) is there on any unix/linux system)?

It would be great to resolve this issue before the 0.16 release...
Thank you.

PS. Unrelated question: what should I do to register in gajim's trac? I see login form, but no register form. So writing this to mailing list instead.


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