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Yann Leboulanger <aste...@lagaule.org> wrote:

> On 02/21/2014 06:46 AM, Genghis Khan wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> >
> > There is a problem with Gajim which, I suspect, is related to SQLite
> > file cache.db.
> What is Gajim supposed to read in the DB on startup ?
> What I suspect is more the vcard reading / parsing to show the
> avatars in roster.

When ACE preference "ask_avatars_on_startup" is deactivated, the amount
of time it takes for roster to be fully loaded is fairly less.

The person I queried did not provide precise findings of time period or
disk writing I/O rate, just empiric.  By "fairly less", I guess he meant
that the loading period was noticeably lesser.

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